Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock adjustable Dumbbell system with stand- PROS&CONS

The first question we ask ourselves when we buy a gym equipment and especially dumbbells is:

Are these dumbbells worth it or not?

There are so many adjustable dumbbells out there, and they all claim to have made the best adjustable dumbbells.

We know that not all adjustable dumbbells are made equally and all have PROS and CONS.

If you want to know all about Ironmaster quick lock adjustable dumbbell system, then I suggest you keep reading.

In this post I’ll be addressing a number of points that will give you a clear idea if the Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells are right for you and are they worth the investment?

The advantages and the disadvantages of Ironmaster 75 lb quick lock dumbbell system


1-The Quick Lock dumbbell system is professionally designed

The quick lock dumbbell system design is what makes the Ironmaster dumbbells different and unique when compared to its competitors.Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock adjustable Dumbbell system with stand

The large threaded steel screws are what makes these adjustable dumbbells very easy to use and it plays a big part in the quick lock mechanism.

The long threaded steel screws are inserted into the steel handle which is also threaded from inside. This makes the screws lock into place firmly and securely.

You will appreciate the quick lock mechanism when it comes to explosive training exercises such as cardio exercises with weights (i.e. throwing punches in the air. I personally do these type of exercises all the time).

2-Ironmaster quick lock dumbbell system is very easy and safe to use

Safety is probably the most important element in the adjustable dumbbells world.

When you are working out, your energy and focus should be poured onto your workout not the workout equipment.

When it comes to safety, in my humble opinion, the design and the material are the most important elements of making quality adjustable dumbbells, and that will make them easy and safe to use.

When it comes to the Ironmaster quick lock Dumbbells, they really make you appreciate the time and effort that was put into them to make them feel easy and safe to use.

3-Ironmaster quick lock Dumbbell system durability

Every part of the Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells are made of steel.Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock adjustable Dumbbell system with stand

In the adjustable dumbbells world, when someone tells you that equipment is made from 100% steel, that to me says 2 things:

  • Gym quality
  • Will last a lifetime

 4- Overall unique design

The design of the handles makes them very comfortable even when you are lifting heavy weights. When you pick the dumbbell up, it gives you a grip without ripping into your hand.

The plates are flat and thin. This means the plate will not take up a lot of space, also making it very easy and convenient when you are doing different types of exercises or a combination of moves. This is especially important when you hold the dumbbells between your legs while you are moving from side to side.

From my experience if you have stuff sticking out from both sides of a dumbbell, it can be very uncomfortable, and might lead to injury if you are not careful.

The other adjustable dumbbells on the market are either very long or bulky, where you have to pick the whole thing up regardless of how much weights you are lifting.

Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells are so unique and brilliant.

In terms of real feel, Ironmaster dumbbells have the edge compared to its competitors. It feels like you are lifting flex dumbbells at the gym, and for an adjustable dumbbell to feel like that it tells me that it’s made by professionals.


1-The price of Ironmaster quick lock dumbbell system

Ironmaster quick lock system is probably the most expensive adjustable dumbbells on the market.

There are so many adjustable dumbbells that are not as expensive as Ironmaster dumbbells, and maybe their quality  is as good.

2-Screws get stuck when switch plates around

The other disadvantage that I have found is that the screws get stuck when you switch plates, but with time, it becomes easier. From my experience, it will take you time to get used to it but it’s still annoying nevertheless.

3-Not made for fast paced interval training

If you are doing functional strength training like Hammer and chisel workout or P90x, Ironmaster dumbbells will make it challenging and time-consuming to switch the plates around quickly.

What’s included

  • 2 handles, they weigh 5lbs each
  • each handle holds 65 lbs
  • 4 locking screws
  • 28 plates, 24 plates weigh 5 lbs each, 4 plates weigh 2.5 lbs each
  • stand at no extra charge


  • Plates. 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 14.5″
  • stand. 26.5″ tall x 19″ tall x 14″ deep


Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell system is one of the best adjustable dumbbells around there’s not doubt about that.

When I compared Ironmaster to other dumbbells, Ironmaster was the only one that every part in it was made from 100% steel.

If you are looking for adjustable dumbbells that won’t break even if you drop it countless times, then Ironmaster is worth the investment. If you don’t mind replacing your dumbbells every  now and then, then Ironmaster is not for you.

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