7 easy ways to keep yourself motivated to work out

What I really want to focus on today is those physical and mental motivational techniques that keep you motivated, committed and focused on your workout.

We all can agree that we go through this conundrum of how to keep ourselves motivated to workout and stay healthy, and how to keep at it for a long time and make it a habit that is part of our daily lives.

How do we get into that frame of mind, where it becomes a second nature. When we are focused and 100% dedicated and motivated to keep working out, and reach that point of actually enjoying and looking forward to working out.

Finding what really motivates you to workout is very important and probably the foundation to staying fit and healthy, but what’s, even more, important is to find what really keeps you coming back time and time again.

what are the most tried and proven ways that keep us motivated to work out

1.Enjoy the  workout that you  are doing

keep yourself motivated to workoutIt’s very important to know and recognize  what you really enjoy doing and what keeps you going.

The first step is to choose a workout or an  activity that you enjoy doing and make it part of your daily life.

Some people like to do a workout on day one, and an activity on day two, so you don’t get bored and less motivated with time.

Choose a workout or an activity where it has a lot of different moves and it’s not repetitive, and every day do something different and more challenging than the day before. That way, it keeps your mind alert and focused.

2.Read other people inspiring journeys to stay motivated

get inspiredReading Peoples journeys, and how they overcame the obstacles in their fitness lives. And also, how they transformed their lives to be as successful as they are. This is something that we relate to and sets us an example of how we can follow suit and inspires us to succeed.

Their journeys are very motivating, inspiring and inject us with the feel good factor. It gives us that instant motivational lift, which helps in getting us focused and challenges us mentally to think seriously about getting back on track.

3.Set a realistic fitness target so you stay motivated for longer

stay focusedSetting a realistic fitness goal is very crucial and it can be very motivating and inspiring.

It can change someone’s life forever or it can be very damaging and ultimately takes you to nowhere and you find yourself in a vicious cycle that keeps you thinking and saying what I’m doing wrong? Why am I not seeing positive results?

The first crucial step is to not think about how much weight you have to lose or how you want to look.

The second crucial step is to choose a fitness program that you know for sure you will enjoy doing and you will finish.

The idea is to make this way of thinking a habit, so you can stay motivated and gets you mentally ready to tackle bigger fitness goals. It will  train your body and mind on how to not get overwhelmed and keeps you disciplined.

When you are done with it, you can take another fitness program that is harder and gradually you will find yourself staying motivated and inspired to keep going.

Getting healthy and fit is a slow process and it’s mightily important to not get drawn into;

  • Why am I not losing weight fast
  • or why other people losing more weight than me

That last point I mentioned above got me to talk about why we need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

4.Stop comparing yourself to others, it can only lead to failure

How to keep yourself motivated to work outComparing yourself to others is probably the most damaging factor in keeping yourself motivated.

It can only put you down and discourages you and depletes you off that energy, mental clarity, happiness, self-belief and enthusiasm that you are trying so hard to sustain for as long as possible.

The solution is to not think of it as a comparison but as a motivational tool that will challenge you to be the best you can be.

5.Learn how your body reacts to different fitness routines

How to keep yourself motivated to work outIt’s known that our bodies react in a different way physically and mentally to fitness programs and the foods we eat.

It’s vital to know how your body reacts and how long it will take to respond positively. And also, what’s needed to start reaping the benefits and maintaining the positive results you are seeing or will see.

That’s why you see a lot of people fail after a while, despite they were really motivated and focused at first.

Not knowing who you really are and what makes your body and mind click is the difference between success and failure.

Some people don’t like to think of a workout as a challenge, it overwhelms them. Some people like to just think of it as a way to relieve stress or to enjoy what they are doing without putting some number in their head that they have to reach.

You  need to know how you think, and what makes you inspired and motivated.

6.Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

headphones-453177_1920One of the approaches that are proven to work and makes people stay motivated for a long time is to just let it go when you don’t feel like working out.

It’s actually a good idea to take a break when you feel exhausted mentally, physically or both.

In my personal experience, taking a day or 2 off gives me so much energy when I work out the next day.

As long as you don’t get lazy and keep procrastinating, then taking a break every now and then will make you stronger and more focused.

7.Be around people that can motivate you when feeling down

motivation-1101883_1280Keeping yourself motivated all the time is hard and almost impossible for most of us.

Get to know people who can give you positive energy, and can give you a lift when you are down and not in the right frame of mind.

Personally, having people around me who are motivating and inspiring, helps me to push myself and challenges me to snap out of the negativity I was in.


Let me know if you have any suggestions and, and I would love to know how do you guys keep yourselves motivated and focused?





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