Hammer and chisel workout review- 7 DOs & DON’Ts you must know

hammer and chisel workout review

Hammer and Chisel workout is the latest DVD workout that Beachbody made and  supposed to be the best resistance training workout to date OR IS IT?

After doing two rounds of Hammer and chisel and doing the hammer workout separately, I really wanted to let people know what I really liked and didn’t like about it.

I decided to write this Hammer and Chisel workout review so I share with you the good and the bad about Hammer and chisel workout and how does it compare to Beachbody workouts like  P90X, Insanity, and Bodybeast etc.

There are so many questions people asking me, like
question mark

what’s so good about Hammer and Chisel? and what makes it so special?

Is Hammer and Chisel workout for everyone?

Can I do the Hammer or the chisel workout separately and still get results, or I have to do both?

What’s the best way to do Hammer and Chisel to see results and not be disappointed after 1 week?

I’m sure everyone is asking these exact same questions.

If that’s the case, then  I suggest you keep reading, because I will tell you ALL that you need to know about Hammer and Chisel workout, and I will give my very honest opinion from my personal experience, so you can make informative decision, and see if this workout is the right one for you.

In this review, I will cover everything regarding Hammer and Chisel workout, from the science behind Hammer and Chisel to what to expect from every workout, and what is needed to get the best results possible.

I have also designed the most simplistic but detailed hammer and chisel workout schedule available anywhere.

What is Hammer and Chisel?

Hammer and Chisel is an extreme Functional Resistance Training workout with a twist.

Masters Hammer and Chisel is a unique total body resistant training DVD workout. For the first time, two professional fitness trainers combine their lifetime fitness and bodybuilding experiences to come up with one of the best resistant training DVD workout.hammer and chisel workout

Hammer and Chisel workout is designed to focus on stabilization, strength, and power to help you transform and build  your physique in just 30-40mins a day. You will commit to work out with Sagi and Autumn 6 days a week with for a period of 2 months.

Almost in every individual Hammer and Chisel workout, you will be using a number of different exercising equipment like weights, resistance bands, chin-up max, chin up bar, and stability ball or bench.

Later on, I will show you how to make your own chin up max at home.

Hammer and chisel workout review- WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT!

Pros of doing hammer and chisel workout

HAMMER AND CHISEL pros and cons

  • Hammer and Chisel workouts are short and effective

What I really like about Hammer and Chisel is the length of the workouts. Most of the workouts are short and you won’t feel that the time is dragging on.

The average time for every workout is around 35 mins which includes the warm-up and the cool down.

The Abs workouts will extend the workout time to around 50 mins. But the beauty of hammer and chisel is that in the first month, you will do Abs exercises once a week and twice a week in the second month, so it’s not really a big deal even for someone with a hectic lifestyle.

  • High-volume training for maximum results

High-volume training is the best for weight gain or weight loss. The most powerful way to stimulate the muscles (for weight gain or weight loss) is to do  multiple sets of each exercise for 60 seconds or for a number of reps for maximal muscle building.

Hammer and Chisel workout took the high-volume to the next level. You will really know what I mean what you start doing hammer and chisel yourself.

Hammer and chisel sets itself apart from other workouts by making every targeted muscle work extra harder for extra alleviated results.

Hammer and chisel workout strengthens and isolates every muscle by doing back to back demanding exercises  with no rest to make the targeted muscle work extra harder to beyond the point of failure.

In simple terms, your muscles will experience a kind of a pain and burn that you never felt ever before.

You know that excruciating and unbearable burning sensation you feel in your muscles during and after working out (and the soreness the day after)? that’s the pain that makes you feel you are getting results.

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  • Hammer and chisel incorporates weights like you never seen before

I did most of the Beachbody workouts and I haven’t done a workout that focuses on using weights almost in every exercise of every workout, apart from Bodybeast of course.

Chisel agility is the only workout where weights are not required. All the other remaining workouts require the use of free weights.

Incorporating weights into any type of exercises like cardio, endurance or plyometrics, it makes that exercise 10x more effective.

It automatically makes the workout more demanding and very tough and that means you will improve your overall fitness, endurance, strength and so much more.

It’s really important to embrace the idea of using weights (and I mean heavy weights) because they really transform any workout into an amazing workout, it’s as simple as that.

  • Pull ups and back exercises for a strong, flexible, and healthy back

I can not stress enough the importance of pull ups and back exercises and how effective they are for strong and healthy spine and back muscles.

Healthy and strong back is the foundation for:

  1. improving your quality of life
  2. Lets you exercise at your very best
  3. Prevents so many injuries, back pain, and discomforts
  4. support your spine and keep it in its proper posture
  5. increase your overall flexibility
  6. increase your range of motion
  7. improve muscular endurance

To be honest with you guys,

I wasn’t happy with the crazy number of pull ups and chin ups that I had to do, but after a week or 2 I started to feel much stronger and I was raring to go every time I put that DVD in, I just had so much energy all of a sudden.

I definitely started to appreciate what hammer and chisel workout was trying to do.

It pays very close attention to strengthening the back and keeping it strong and flexible to be able to reap the benefits of doing a workout like Hammer and chisel and getting the best results possible.

  • P90x + BodyBeast = Hammer and Chisel

I did P90x and Beastbody few times and I always find myself comparing hammer and chisel to those two.

P90x was all about pulls up and so many crazy push up moves, and the excruciating leg and butt burns. Beastbody, on the other hand, is weightlifting workout like no other.

Hammer and chisel is truly a perfect combination of both, the best of two worlds, it really is.

Cons of doing hammer and chisel workout

  • Not enough high-intensity interval trainingHAMMER AND CHISEL WORKOUT SCHEDULE

What I found really disappointing about hammer and chisel is that there is not enough cardio and plyometric workouts where it shoots your heart rate off the roof like Insanity or max30 and improves your balance, power, agility, and acceleration.

I think  that is one of the drawbacks of hammer and chisel that it doesn’t have enough high-intensity workouts, which can be a deal breaker for some people.

But at the same time, I think this goes down to individual preference too.

What hammer and chisel tried to do is that they use weights and lower intensity workouts to cover for the lack of cardio and plyometric workouts.

The other thing to consider is that there are no corrective workouts in hammer and chisel.

Yoga and corrective workouts focus on giving you mental strength, endurance, and clarity and also an amazing way to relieve and manage stress.

The other wonderful thing is that it conditions and recharges your muscles for the demanding and strenuous workouts that you will do the next day.

So, If you are a big believer in yoga, then I suggest you fit your yoga day into the hammer and chisel workout schedule, so you don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of yoga.

Equipment you must have

  • Stability balls

At beginner’s level, most people will start with a stability ball which is really a good idea. The reason behind that it’s that it’s

  • Cheaper than a bench, so you don’t want to spend so much on a piece of a equipment that you may not use after a while
  • It’s the most versatile gym equipment that you can own, it really is.
  • You can use it for so many different workout exercises and stretching exercises.

When it comes to buying a stability ball, I STRONGLY recommend that you buy a HEAVY DUTY ball.

It will take heavy and not heavy people and it’s much more stable than the lighter ones.

Some of them will go up to 2000lB in durability, which I think is the best option. And the other think you should take under consideration is the SIZE.

They usually range between 45cm in radius to 75cm. The one I have is 65cm and I think it’s still small and I’m not a big guy.

So, go as big as you can afford, trust me it’s really worth the investment.

There so many options out there but the one I would recommend is the Pavandeep because it ticks all the boxes.

hammer and chisel workout review

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  • Bench

If you really want to get the best results doing this workout then I would definitely recommend that you get a bench from the get go. Hammer and chisel uses so many exercises that involves a bench.

For me, If you are using weights then you have to have a bench, it’s as simple as that regardless of your fitness level.

The bench that you want to get should be:

  • Medium size bench(minimum). Don’t go for small benches they are useless and you won’t be able to do a lot of different exercises on it because of size limitation. I can guarantee that will not regret it in the long run.

Consider a bench that is at least:

  1. 250lb-300Lb in capacity
  2. dimensions should be no less than 46 L x 15 W x 37″ H (117 x 38 x 94 cm)
  3. adjustable, so it goes flat, incline, and decline

This one I actually own and I really like it because it’s reasonably priced and has all the things that I have mentioned above.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it’s not as sturdy as the higher end benches especially when you do the hops and jumps on and off the bench in hammer and chisel.

hammer and chisel workout review

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  • Weights

Wights are a must have in this workout. I’ll be as bold as I can and say that if you don’t have around 80Lb of adjustable weights then go and buy some or find a different workout that doesn’t require weights.

The weights that I use and I actually have 3 sets of them is

These dumbbells are

  1. made of iron and so durable
  2. reasonably priced and will fit anyone’s budget
  3. easy and very safe to use
  4. They are good for beginners and advanced people

hammer and chisel workout reviewCheck price on Amazon

  • Chin-up bar

In hammer and chisel they give you two options. You can use resistance bands or chin-up bar.

My recommendation is to invest in a chin-up bar and forget about the resistance bands. If you want to get better and faster results than chin-up is  a MUST.

I love this chin-up bar because it’s so easy to mount onto the door frame and best of all you can take it off when you are done.

It doesn’t leave marks or scratches on the door frame and it’s so light too.

However, if you are over 220Lb then I would recommend that you find a chin-up bar that holds that much weight.

hammer and chisel workout review

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The science behind Hammer and Chisel workout


Functional Resistance Training is what makes Hammer and Chisel workout very effective, and ultimately gets you results.

According to Wikipedia Functional Resistance Training is performing exercises that involve training and preparing the body physically for the tasks performed in daily life

What this really means is that functional training will target and strengthen the muscles that we use in our daily lives like core muscles of the abdomen and the lower back, and also improves joint mobility and stability.

The benefits of functional training are truly limitless. There are numerous studies that were conducted to determine whether functional training is effective in increasing power, strength, and balance.

In one study, the results of the functional training group were far superior to those of fixed  training equipment group.

Functional training group had a 58% increase in strength over the fixed-form group. Their improvements in balance and stability were 196% higher over fixed and an overall decrease in joint pain by 30%

Functional resistance training has been proven to far exceeds the fixed training equipment, in terms of  strength, power, balance, joint mobility, and joint pain reduction.

The bottom line is that Hammer and Chisel workout will help you to (if done properly):

  •  lose more weight
  • burn more fat and calories
  • targets the core, lower back, and glutes
  • less or no joint pain
  • build muscle
  • less injuries

My personal experience with Hammer and Chisel workout and other Beachbody workouts

I’m one of those people (maybe like you) who likes to work out at home. I find going to the gym isn’t the best option for someone with a family and very busy life.

That’s why I chose to do Beachbody workouts 5 years ago. I have to say since then, I never looked back.

The main reason that got me into trying Beachbody workouts was the lower back pain I suffered for over 2 years.

When I first started,  I didn’t know what to expect, I was very skeptical. I always used to question the fact that  how is doing squats and push ups going to strengthen my core and help with my lower back?

But I was determined to find a solution to stop my pain. So, I started working out and I didn’t know what to expect.

At first, it wasn’t fun I have to admit, but I stuck to it because I was desperate to end the agony I was in.

The first workout that I did was P90X.

I wasn’t enjoying it, I couldn’t do squats or tuck jumps and the other crazy moves they did. But after few weeks, I was feeling stronger and was able to keep going, it wasn’t pretty, but I was seeing results and the pain was going away slowly, that kept me motivated to keep working out.

That was enough for me to keep going. I was able to build muscle and strengthen my abs, glutes, and lower back muscles. Resistance training was working for me, and I wasn’t skeptical anymore.

Hammer and Chisel workout is one of many Beachbody workout that I did. I have done most of them, in the following order.

  • P90X (TWICE)
  • TAPOUT (TWICE), not Beachbody workout but very similar
  • P90X3 (TWICE)

The Chisel workout gave me the most glute and leg burn than any other workout that I did. It really focuses on stabilizing and strengthening targeted muscles to get the best possible results.

The most accurate description  that I can come up with for The Hammer workout is that it’s a combination of the weightlifting of bodybeast and the P90X’s strength exercises.

What makes the hammer and chisel workout a unique resistance training  workout is how they incorporated weights and pull-ups, and that’s what makes hammer and chisel workout different, unique, and very effective.

To make Hammer and Chisel work, you have to make weights and pull-ups your best friends. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Hammer and Chisel and the other workouts, taught me one thing, is that resistance training is not only going to strengthen your abs and glutes etc., but will teach you how to listen to your body, and know what are your weaknesses and strengths.

What to expect from Hammer and Chisel workouts

Hammer workouts:

In simple words, Hammer workouts are all about lifting weights, weights, and more weights. Maybe I’m a bit exaggerating but seriously, you need to use weights to see results. Hammer Plyometrics is probably the only workout that doesn’t use weights heavily, but the rest of the workouts are all about pumping iron.

  • Hammer plyometrics

  1. Duration: 26:27 minutes
  2. Equipment:
  • Bench or Floor
  • Weights
  • Resistance band or Towel
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up Max (optional) If you find chin ups challenging, then chin up max is a must

Hammer plyometrics is 2 rounds of explosive exercises like plyo push ups, chin ups and pull ups with a twist. Each exercise is 30 secs long. This workout is all about power and cardio combined. If you want to be explosive and able to improve your athletic performance, then this workout is for you.

  • Iso speed hammer

  1. Duration: 24:11 minutes
  2. Equipment:
  • Bench or stability ball
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands or towel
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up max

Iso speed hammer is 1 round workout. Exercises like lunges with weights, chin-ups, and deadlifts etc. Each exercise is repeated twice,  the first time is 10 slow reps, and the second time is 10 fast reps. Iso speed hammer concentrates on putting a lot of tension on the muscle to increase strength.

  • Max hammer strength

  1. Duration: 36.51 minuteshammer and chisel workout DVDs
  2. Equipment:
  • Bench or stability ball
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands or towel
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up max

Max hammer strength is 1 round workout. Exercises like squats, pull ups, push ups etc. Each exercise is repeated twice. The first time is 1 minute with no weights, then the same exercise  is repeated 8 times with weights. As the name suggests, max hammer strength is to make the targeted muscle as strong as possible by using maximum weights. Challenge yourself and pick heavy weights.

  • Total body hammer

  1. Duration: 43:45 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or stability ball
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands or towel
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up max

Total body hammer is 3 rounds workout. Using weights, each exercise is repeated 10,8,6 times consecutively with no breaks. You will be using weights throughout this workout. Your muscles will be screaming at the end of this workout. If you are looking for a serious definition, total body hammer is the one.

  • Hammer conditioning

  1. Duration: 30:41 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands or towel

Hammer conditioning is 4 rounds workout. Each exercise uses multiple muscles where every exercise is 12 reps.

For example, in plank position, you will be doing a push-up, then an oblique crunch, and then you take 1 step to your right (12 reps), and then you repeat the same exercise on your left-hand side. These types of exercises activate and strengthen so many different muscles at the same time.

  • Hammer power

  1. Duration: 39:09 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands or towel

Hammer power is 2 rounds workout. In each round, you will do a number of exercises with weights. In the first round, each exercise is 10 reps with light weights, then the same exercise is repeated with medium weights (10 reps). In the second round, will be 10 reps using light weights, and then 5 reps using heavy weights.

  • 10 minute Ab hammer (bonus)

  1. Duration: 12:27 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Mat

Chisel workouts:

Chisel workouts are really unique and different to P90X and P90X3 and the rest. What I really like about it, it’s that how it targets every muscle separately but at the same time, it doesn’t use heavy weights like Hammer.

I promise you that you will feel your muscles burning so much that you will be screaming your lungs out. if you want to see results chisel will get you chiselled.

  • Iso strength chisel

  1. Duration: 35:37 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or floor
  • Weights
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up max
  • Beachbody core comfort mat (optional)

Iso strength chisel is 1 round workout. You will be doing isometric hold in the middle of every exercise to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible. This will give you muscle strength and stability. Every exercise is 10 reps, you hold for 10 seconds, every exercise is done 3 times in total.

  • Chisel cardio

  1. Duration: 38:58 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or floor
  • Weights
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up max
  • Beachbody core comfort mat (optional)

Chisel cardio is 2 rounds workout. You will be using weights to increase heart rate and burn calories. In the first round, you will be doing series of exercises, every exercise is 1 minute long. You will repeat the same exercises in the second round. Your heart rate will shoot off the roof, and you will burn double the calories.

  • Total body chisel

  1. Duration: 36:04 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or stability ball
  • Weights

Total body chisel is 3 rounds workout. In each round, you will be doing a series of exercises using weights. Every exercise is 10 reps. Each set of exercises repeated 3 times, and you move on to the next round. I suggest using heavy weights possible for maximum results.

  • Chisel endurance

  1. Duration: 36:55 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or floor
  • Weights
  • Chin-up bar or Resistance bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin-up max
  • Beachbody core comfort mat (optional)

Chisel endurance is 2 rounds workout. The same set of exercises will be carried out in round 1 and 2. Each exercise is 1 minute long. Chisel endurance focuses on stamina and endurance.

  • Chisel agility

  1. Duration: 38:27 minutes
  2. No equipment needed

Chisel agility is 2 rounds workout. The same set of exercises repeated in both rounds. Get ready to train like an athlete.  Chisel agility will improve your speed, coordination, and power.

  • Chisel balance

  1. Duration: 41:03 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or stability ball
  • Weights
  • Beachbody core comfort mat (optional)

Chisel balance is 8 mini rounds workout. Each exercise is 15 reps, and you repeat that exercise twice, back to back. Your muscles will be screaming after each exercise. Chisel balance is all about strengthening your core, improving athletic performance, and keeps you injury free.

  1. 10-minute ab chisel (bonus)

  2. Duration: 10:54 minutes
  3. Equipment
  • Bench or floor
  • Mat

Hammer and Chisel Deluxe workouts

  • The Master’s cardio

  1. Duration: 17:35 minutes
  2. No equipment requiredhammer and chisel deluxe DVDs

The master’s cardio is 1 round of leg and glute burning and heart racing cardio workout to the max. Every exercise is 30 reps, so get ready to scream from the pain. Both Sagi and Autumn on the floor showing you how to master the master’s cardio.

  • 15-minute glute chisel

  1. Duration: 17:51 minutes
  2. Medicine ball or weight

Glute chisel is 1 round of glute burning exercises. Every exercise is 25 reps. You going to do a lot of squats, lunges and balancing exercises with the medicine ball.

  • 15-minute leg hammer

  1. Duration: 18:40 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Medicine ball or weight

Leg hammer is 1 round of various leg exercises. every exercise is 1 minute long, where you do the exercise at 3 different speeds (slow, medium, fast). If you are thirsty for more glute and leg burn, then you will love this one.

  • Power chisel

  1. Duration: 30:13 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or floor
  • Weights
  • Medicine ball
  • Chin up bar or bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin up max (optional)

Power chisel is 1 round of doing various different exercises that use a medicine ball, weights, and pull up bar. Power chisel is total body workout that focuses on power, isometric strength, and core.

  • Hammer build up

  1. Duration: 32:56 minutes
  2. Equipment
  • Bench or floor
  • Weights
  • Medicine ball
  • Resistance bands or towel
  • Chin up bar or bands with door attachment kit
  • Chin up max (optional)
  • Mat (optional)

Hammer build up is a total body workout that focuses on each body part.

Hammer build up is 7 rounds workout. Each round consists of 4 exercises, each exercise is around 30 seconds long. You going to use the medicine ball and weights to sculpt and tone the targeted muscles. Hammer build up workout uses a medicine ball and weights almost in every exercise.

Hammer and chisel workout schedule like never seen before (Really!)

The  thing that I always found irritating  and annoying about beachbody workout schedules (including hammer and chisel workout schedule) is that they don’t include the time and the equipment that you are going to use in your next workout.

So, you have to turn the TV on and go through the workout itself to found out the length and equipment you need.

I decided to come up with the most comprehensive but simple hammer and chisel workout schedule that includes time and equipment to make your life a tiny bit easier.

[media-downloader media_id=”599″ texts=”Hammer and Chisel – DOWNLOAD HERE”]

hammer and chisel workout schedule

 hammer and chisel workout schedule

Hammer and chisel workout FAQ

Can I do Hammer or Chisel separately and get results?

I’ll try to keep it short and to the point.

When I did Hammer and Chisel for the first time, I felt strong and I got good results in terms of toning and definition especially my abs and my legs.

So, I decided to do Hammer by itself to see if I can get stronger and more definition. I have to say after 2 weeks into it, I get even more definition, which was amazing.


For some reason, I felt really tired and wiped out all the time depite  that I followed the meal plan.

When I decided to do Hammer and Chisel again, the surprising thing was that when I was doing the chisel workouts I was like I just started working out for the first time in a long time.

I was really disappointed and shocked how weak I was. But, it got me thinking that maybe Hammer and Chisel was designed to be done together and not separate, or it’s an individual thing.

Some people will be ok just doing hammer or chisel separately and some people won’t be able to do it that way.

My advice to you if you are just starting out with Hammer and Chisel, I strongly recommend that you start with doing them together first, and then when you are done you can try them separately.

How does Hammer and Chisel compare to p90x?

P90x and hammer and chisel both use body weight resistance training and weights. The difference is that P90x uses fewer weights and more body weight.hammer and chisel FAQ

Hammer and Chisel uses body weight resistance training with weights in almost every workout.

Think of it in this way, in P90x, you do a lot of push-ups. In Hammer and chisel, you will fewer push-ups and you will lift more weights.

If you want to see results with hammer and chisel, then get ready to lift weights( I mean heavy weights), that’s the only way you will see results. You need to increase your weights as you progress.

You have to challenge and really push yourself every time, to see the best results, otherwise, like I said before you will be disappointed.

How does Hammer and Chisel compare to Bodybeast?

Bodybeast is all about weightlifting to build strong and big muscles. Like I said before, hammer and chisel workout is a combination of weightlifting and resistance training for improving endurance, agility, power, strength, and balance.

Is Hammer and Chisel for everyone?

Yes, BUT…

If you are overweight and want to lose weight, then you need few rounds of Hammer and Chisel to meet your target.
If you are in a fairly good shape and want to get to get ripped, strong, and more defined then you will get results the first round.

What equipment do I need?

Get a good set of weights, pair of 10LB, 20LB, and 30LB is a good start, and then you can increase as you progress.

I think a pull-up bar is a must. If you want to get the best results from Hammer and Chisel workout then get a pull-up bar.my home beachbody equipment

You can modify by using Resistance bands.

But in my honest opinion, you will be reaping much greater benefits using a pull-up bar.

Use chin up max or a chair, it’s perfectly fine, and probably will take a long time before you can do pull ups unsupported, but in the long run it’s worth it.

You have to believe me when I say, doing supported pull-ups will give you better results than resistance bands. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t have a bench press, but I use a combination of a flat chair and stability ball, and I can assure you that you will be fine with no bench press.

An alternative to chin up max

I didn’t have a chin up max, so I made my own chin up max like so:

homemade chin up max

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Base Kit with Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev

Master’s Hammer and Chisel includes:

  • 14 workouts on 6 DVDs
  • A set of 7-Portion-Control Containers and Shaker Cup
  • A Program and Nutrition Guide, Quick Start Guide, 60-Day Workout Calendar

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The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Kit with Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev

Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 12 workouts on 6 DVDs
  • 2 sets of the 7-Portion-Control Containers and 1 Shaker Cup
  • A Program and Nutrition Guide, Quick Start Guide, 60-Day Workout Calendar
  • 4 Deluxe Workouts on 1 DVD and an 8 Pound Medicine Ball

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Deluxe Kit – CLICK HERE

 I hope I made it easier for you to decide on whether Hammer and Chisel workout is right for.

If you did Hammer and Chisel already, I would love to hear from you and please don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.

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