6 BEST commercial treadmills hands DOWN!

​Before we explore the world of treadmills to reveal the best commercial treadmill products that reign supreme, it is important to lay to rest whatever doubts you might have about buying a treadmill instead of other fitness equipment.

Why Buy ​Commercial Treadmills?

With various fitness equipment such as elliptical, exercise bikes and others available today, deciding on the best one can be confusing. So which is the best equipment to burn excess fat and keep fit all year round?

For us, it’s a straight choice.


The treadmill offers you a plethora of options to choose from. You can opt for a brisk walk and can resort to running when you feel like. Also, there are different incline options so you can simulate walking on a flat surface or climbing uphill. These varieties make you burn calories faster and give you an overall pleasant fitness experience.  

Natural Position

Many fitness machines also place the body in unnatural positions. Ask the medical practitioners. Sprain, strain, tears and back pains are often caused when the joints and other parts of the body are placed in unnatural positions. The treadmill, however, simulates walking, jogging and running, which are natural movements.  In the past, treadmills might also be injurious to knees, backs, and joints. Not any longer. Treadmills, especially those included in our list of best commercial treadmill products, have high-quality deck cushioning and other features that make them safe for you to use.

Burns Calories Faster

If you are looking to burn more calories, then the treadmill is your best bet. With treadmills, you can burn between 600 and 1200 calories per hour. No other fitness equipment offers that.  

Full Body Workout

Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill requires the use of almost every muscle in your body. Hence, treadmills work your muscles and strengthen the bones and cardiovascular components in your body.

A Machine for All  

Suffering from back pains, osteoporosis or hypertension and can’t exercise? Not to worry. As walking is the most feasible form of exercise you can perform, the treadmill is the perfect equipment to help you keep fit.

Now that you know why treadmills are the best fitness equipment out there, you are probably wondering why this review is about the best commercial treadmill products.

There are two major types of treadmills; commercial treadmills and home treadmills. If you are on a budget and want a home treadmill, here are the best home treadmills that can help you reach your fitness goals.

Differences between Commercial Treadmills and Home Treadmills


The difference in price between commercial and home treadmills is quite enormous. The price of quality commercial treadmills starts from $2000.


When looking at the performance of treadmills, two parameters come to mind: Speed and Motor. The rating and size of a motor determine how frequent a treadmill can be used and for how long. Generally, motors of home treadmills do not exceed 2HP. On the other hand, the best commercial treadmill products are equipped with motors with as high as 7HP.

Commercial treadmills also have higher running speed than home treadmills. While the topmost speed on most home treadmills is 12mph, top speed on commercial treadmills begins from 12mph.


Commercial treadmills are much bigger than home treadmills. Commercial treadmills are built with the public in mind, hence are made to accommodate people of all weight and height. As a result, commercial treadmills provide a larger running surface for people and provide more stability during workout sessions.


One of the conveniences of home treadmills is their foldable feature for easy movement and storage. Commercial treadmills are rarely moved, hence, 97% of commercial treadmills are static.

Here’s our pick of the best commercial treadmill products!

1- The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is one of the most rock-solid commercial treadmills on the market, making it suitable for use in gyms, hotels, fitness clubs and other public places. Its solid build along with some excellent features makes it one of the best commercial treadmill products that will provide all the functions you need.

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is equipped with a console area that features three screens.  On the topmost screen, you can easily keep track of the distance covered, calories burned, speed, time, pace, met and other workout data. The bigger screen on the left indicates the grid for adjusting incline and speed of a workout program. The small display on the right indicates the heart rate. Other amenities are the bottle holder and tablet holder. It also includes an adjustable fan to keep you cool during workouts and a sound system with built-in speakers and MP3 compatibility.

The 3G cardio elite runner treadmill has a spacious running area of 22"×62", which is suitable even if you have a tall frame. It has a 3" roller that makes it incredibly smooth and quiet during workouts. It is powered by a 4.0HP motor capable of speeds up to 12mph with a minimum of 5mph. It can also support a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The high motor rating and maximum weight capability make it suitable for tall and heavy people to have prolonged workout sessions.

This treadmill features an automated incline system. It has a maximum incline of 15% which gives you a variety of workout experience, from walking on a flat surface to running uphill. The incline can be controlled with an adjustment of 1%. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill features 8 built-in workout programs, 2 custom programs, and 3 fitness test program. When working out on this treadmill, the risk of damage to your knees, back and joints are minimized with the presence of the Orthoflex Shock Cushioning System and Orthopedic belt that minimizes the risk of damage to knees, back and joints during impact, while producing very little noise.

Overall, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill's reliability, stability, and sturdy construction cemented its place amongst the best commercial treadmill products.


  1. Extremely solid build
  2. 8 built-in workout program,2 customizable and 3 fitness programs
  3. Motorized incline up to 15%
  4. Orthoflex Suspension System
  5. One touch control that makes it easy to change speed and incline
  6. Amenities including adjustable fan,  water and tablet holders and sound system


  1. Lacks online audio features such as web and Bluetooth
  2. Its heaviness might be a disadvantage if you want to change its position or location

2- Sole F85 Treadmill

The Sole F85 Treadmill is also a solid treadmill with incredible features. It has a multifunctional console with a 10.1" display screen as against last year's 9" display.  The blue backlit ensures the distance traveled, speed, pace, calories burned, heart rate, incline level can be clearly read even in the dark. The 10.1" display also indicates the type of selected program and a ¼ mile track reading that shows the number of laps completed. The console also features 2 cooling fans that are certain to keep sweat away during intense workouts. There's a tablet tray, beverage, and accessories holder to keep you close to your devices. Other amenities include an MP3 support and Bluetooth functionality and a stop key that automatically stops the machine during emergencies.

The Sole F85 has one an inmensely wide running area of 27.5"× 60", which makes running very comfortable for people of all height and sizes. It is equipped with automatic incline mechanism, adjustable up to 15%. The 4.0HP motor offers speed between 5mph to 12mph, and has continuous duty power enabling it to operate effortlessly for a long time without overheating. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, Sole F85 treadmill can support the heaviest of people making it suitable to be placed in gyms, hotels, health clubs, firefighter workout rooms, and other public spaces.

With a cushioning system that offers up to 40% impact absorption, the Sole F85 Treadmill is easy on the knees, joints and reduces cadence thumping sound. It is also equipped with a 4-layered belt including 2 rubber layers, a PVC layer, and a nylon backing. The 4-layered belt prevents stretching, ensures a smooth-gliding surface and provides more durability. Sole F85 has 10 built-in programs. 6 are standard - Interval, Hill, Strength, Fat burn, Cardio, and Manual, with 2 custom and 2 heart rate.

The extra features make it warrant an inclusion in the best commercial treadmill products. These amazing features are the heart rate chest strap, which wirelessly monitors heart activity, eliminating the need to use the handlebar sensor, handlebars that control speed and incline and 10 direct keys with which to choose any workout program.


  1. Sturdy and Reliable
  2. 10.1" backlit display
  3. Foldable design
  4. Handlebars with heart rate sensors, speed and incline keys
  5. Heart rate chest strap
  6. 4.0HP motor that offers continuous duty
  7. Lifetime warranty for motor and frame
  8. Automatic incline up to 15%
  9. Cushioned deck


  1. Its sturdy build makes it heavy to lift

3- ProForm PRO 2000 Treadmill

Proform is one of the top treadmill manufacturers, hence, it is no surprise that one of theirs - the ProForm PRO 2000 Treadmill - is one of the best commercial treadmill products. The ProForm PRO 2000 Treadmill is one of the cheapest commercial treadmills on the market.

The ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill is equipped with the ProShox Cushioning System, which offers great impact absorption. This protects your knees, joints, and ankles from injuries and ensures your muscle recovers faster. The console consists of a 7” display screen with a blue backlit to ensure high readability even when it is dark. During workouts, you can easily read important values including time, distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, incline, and other data. The dashboard has two water bottle holders, a tablet holder, and 5 compartment trays. With a 2-speed dual fan and a port for iPod or MP3 player, you can listen to your favorite music and get cooled while working out.

It is loaded with 32 workout apps with automatic adjustment of the speed and incline. This gives you a wide variety of programs to choose from and takes your workout experience to a whole new level. You can choose to focus on Cardio, Strength, Stamina and a variety of others.

The trail function that displays distance in laps of ¼mile is perfect for professional runners to train with. It has an iFit program that gives you access to download workout programs from online database daily and exercise with a certified personal trainer. With the iFit program, you can also access GoogleMap and can choose any trail of your choice with the incline and speed adjusting automatically. Other benefits of the iFit feature are an access to workout videos and diet advice.

The console also has direct keys for some programs, and to control speed and incline. The treadmill is powered by a 3.5HP motor that produces speed between 1mph and 12 mph. It produces so little noise during workouts such that you can watch TV programs without interference.

Like most of the best commercial treadmill products, the ProForm Pro Treadmill can automatically adjust incline up to 15%, giving you varied workout plans. It can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds, which is quite suitable for heavy users. With a running area of 22"× 60", it is wide enough for tall people to perform intense running. Although it uses a one-ply tread belt, it is still a powerful and reliable commercial treadmill.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill's sturdy build, low price, the iFit feature makes it one of the best commercial treadmill products.


  1. It has a solid deck and frame, and sturdy build
  2. Foldable design
  3. Its 350-pound maximum weight capacity makes it suitable for heavy users
  4. Automatic incline adjustment, with 0.5% adjustment
  5. iFit integration with Wi-Fi connectivity
  6. Equipped with ProShox Deck Cushioning for maximum impact absorption
  7. 32 built-in workout apps


  1. Extra payment for you to access the iFit feature
  2. 1 ply belt

4- True Performance 300 Treadmill

The True Performance 300 Treadmill is a sturdy, heavy-duty treadmill and certainly one of the best commercial treadmill products on the market.  It is fitted with a 7" display screen that clearly displays your speed, distance traveled, calories burned, time, Mets and other values.


There's also a water bottle holder and reading rack for your comfort during exercises. With the built-in polar wireless system, you can maintain your best heart rate.  This gives you a more effective workout regime. At the end of each workout, it gives you a summary of your workout data, which you can export using the USB port. This allows you to keep track of your fitness progress.

It is equipped with the TrueSoft Shock absorption technology for maximum impact absorption during workouts. With this, injury to the knees and ankles are greatly minimized. True Performance 300 Treadmill also has an orthopedic surface that prevents stress and reduces damages to the knees and joints.


True Performance 300 Treadmill is equipped with an automatic incline system that consists of a motor and a lift. These efficiently adjust the incline level with minimal fuss.  It has a maximum incline level of 15% with 0.5% adjustment. However, you can quickly set the incline levels at 3%, 5%, 7%, 9% and 12% using the console buttons. Its 9 preset workout programs are just enough to give you varied workout routines.

Although the rating of the motor is lower compared to the other best commercial treadmill products at 3.0 HP, it carries enough power for multiple users to use. The motor produces speeds between 0.5 and 12mph, and hence suitable for high-level running. With a maximum weight carrying capacity of 350 pounds and large 21" × 60" running track, the True Performance 300 Treadmill is truly a commercial grade with the capacity to serve people of all sizes and height.


It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame, 30 years motor warranty, 5 years warranty on parts and electronics and 1-year labor warranty.


  1. Rock Solid commercial-grade design
  2. True Soft deck Cushioning technology
  3. USB port to export workout data
  4. Motorized incline up to 15%
  5. Quick keys to adjust speed and incline
  6. Built-in Polar heart rate system
  7. Excellent warranty


  1. No fans
  2. No audio system
  3. Fewer workout programs compared to other best commercial treadmill products

5- Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

When you are looking for a sturdy built-for-the-gym treadmill, then the Life Fitness Club Treadmill should be one of your choices. This treadmill combines reliability and sturdiness with excellent features that make it one of the best commercial treadmill products available.


You will be able to easily read the distance covered, time, calories burned, heart rate, speed on the console screen. The console also features the Quick Start feature that remembers your incline, speed and allows you to easily select your preferred workout program. The Life Fitness Club series treadmill also has Smartphone Integration with which you can listen to your favorite music during workouts. Other features you will especially find valuable are the contact heart monitoring system and the wireless heart chest strap that syncs effortlessly with your heart rate workout programs.

With an impressive 22 workout programs, users have a wide range of workout program to choose from. It uses a powerful and yet noiseless 4.0HP that produces an enormous speed of 14mph, which runners will find suitable and comfortable. The running track is 20"× 60" and is suitable for very tall runners. With a FlexDeck Cushioning system, fortified with polyurethane springs, the Life Fitness Club can absorb impact by up to 30%. It can also be inclined up to 15% with an adjustment of 0.5%. This top-of-the-range machine weighs 425 pounds and its maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds is a great fit for most gyms, clubs, and hotels. The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is undoubtedly one of the best commercial treadmill products that will be worth your money.


  1. The side rails offer extra safety
  2. Its  4.0HP motor performs excellently and noiselessly
  3. 22 workout programs
  4. FlexDeck Cushioning system with polyurethane springs offers maximum impact absorption
  5. Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  6. Quick Start feature that automatically selects your preferred workout program


  1. Its 425 pounds weight makes it heavy to move around

6- Precor TRM 932i Commercial Treadmill

Precor treadmills are known for their durability and reliability. One of the trademark Precor product is the Precor TRM 932i. The Precor TRM 932i Treadmill is a commercial-grade treadmill made to withstand rigorous everyday usage. It is also equipped with some features that make workout more dynamic and exciting.

The 932i treadmill console area is equipped with a 15” LCD display that indicates key exercise values including time, distance traveled, calories burned, speed, incline, and other metrics. On the console area are also six workout buttons, the quick start button, and the numeric keypad. Aside from the built-in touch sensor for heart rate monitoring, TRM 932i treadmill also has a polar compatible wireless chest strap to monitor the heart rate. In addition, you can get an analysis of your workout session, enabling you to rate your performance level.

Powered by a 4.0HP motor, Precor 932i treadmill produces speeds between 1 and 12 mph, hence, the treadmill is suitable for tall users to walk, jog and run on. The running area, which is 22”× 56”, is also wide and long enough for tall users. It also has an automatic incline adjustment with a range of 0 – 15% and 0.5% adjustment to give you varied workout terrain. 

With its Ground Effect Shock absorption and FootPlant technology, Precor TRM 932i constantly adjusts the speed of the belt to match changes in foot speed. This helps in reducing impact to the joints and knees. The 7 preset workout programs offer just enough variety for multiple users. The workout programs can be controlled using the 6 buttons on the console.

The machine comes with lifetime frame warranty, 10 years warranty on parts and one year on labor.


  1. 15” LCD display
  2. 4.0HP motor
  3. Ground shock absorption and FootPlant technology


  1. The 7 preprogrammed workout plans are the fewest of the best commercial treadmill products
  2. No internet connectivity

Key Features of Commercial Treadmill Products

Although commercial treadmills are expensive, they are sturdily built and have excellent features. Here are some common features of the best commercial treadmill products.

Treadmill Deck

Commercial treadmills have wider and longer decks compared to home treadmills. This has many advantages. The bigger decks of commercial treadmills can accommodate people of all sizes and heights. On commercial treadmill decks, running and other intense workout activities can be done. Commercial treadmill decks also have excellent cushioning systems, which are often adjustable. With most of them having reversible decks, commercial treadmill decks also have longer lifespans.

Powerful Motors

Commercial treadmills have superior motor power than home treadmills. With the exception of the True Performance and the Proform Pro 300 treadmills, other best commercial treadmill products in this review have 4.0 HP motors. The high rating enables the motor to run for hours at top speed without overheating or lagging. Also, commercial treadmill products can operate quietly even at top speed.

Incline Selection

Most of the best commercial treadmill products in our review can automatically incline by up to 15%. This gives users a variety of workout sessions. With the high incline, users can also burn calories faster.

Other features include

  • Little or no maintenance
  • Long warranty periods
  • High maximum weight capacity
  • Quality treadmill belts and materials
  •  Higher speed

Although commercial treadmills are expensive, they are certainly worth the price. With their sturdy build, reliability, durability and superior materials and features, the best commercial treadmills products offer more complete workout programs and will last for years!


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