Total Gym XLS vs 1100 – Which Model Should I buy?

Total Gym 1100 1100 vs XLS

One of the things I absolutely love doing is comparing the best home gyms on the market –  like the Total Gym  XLS vs 1100.


Because I'm a big fan of compact home gyms, especially pretty cool ones like these two. I love working out at my pace within my comfort zone, so it makes sense that I let you know how these home gyms compare to each other.  

So, here's the gist.

I've painstakingly compared both home gyms because I understand that it can be quite the chore for you to make the "right" choice, especially if you are new to the whole "buying the perfect home gym" thing. Even if you are a pro at using home gyms, it still gets pretty confusing when you are staring at a bunch of really impressive home gyms, especially if it's a choice between two Total Gym models.

This article will make buying your home gym a lot easier by highlighting the pros and cons, warranty, features, user weight limit, user height limit, product dimensions, and product weight of both home gyms.

But first, let me tell you why Total Gym machines are worth the hype.


Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Total Gym is a leading brand in the industry when it comes to...

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

The width, height & length of the 1100 is different from that of ... 

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Both the 1100 and the XLS gyms come with a range of accessories 

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

While the XLS is backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame,...

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Here is what you can expect from the Total Gym 1100 and the XLS.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Are both the 100 & the XLS constructed with quality materials?

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

The XLS has a maximum weight limit of 400 lbs. This is higher...

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Here are the pros and cons of the Total Gym XLS and the 1100.

Total Gym 1100 1100 vs XLS

A look at both the 1100 & XLS using different parameters.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

With the 1100, you can expect 60+ exercises, which is lower than... 

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Like the Total Gym XLS, the 1100 also has six levels of resistance.  

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

The winner! You can't go wrong buying this Total Gym Model!

The Total Gym Brand

If you are looking for a durable, versatile, and cost-effective home gym, what you want is a Total Gym machine. Total Gym is the leading brand when it comes to manufacturing home gyms that are used and endorsed by celebrities and millions of athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world. The brand has produced some of the best compact gyms on the market, especially these 7 best-rated machines

Total Gym offers users the flexibility of exercising every muscle group in the body, without the need to buy different sets of equipment or adds-on. It allows users to practice a wide range of exercises from Pilates, Squats, Sit-ups, Cardio, and Arm exercises to Stretching exercises and more, all with a single machine.

Since its entry into the market, Total Gym has helped thousands of users with varying fitness experience and goals to achieve their fitness objectives without any hassle. What makes owning a Total Gym even more exciting is the fact that it customizes your exercise practice based on your body's weight, reducing the odds of hurting yourself while exercising.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Is Total Gym that Good?

No doubt, there are several home gyms to choose from, but what makes Total Gym a better choice? Why would I recommend that you put your money on Total Gym?

The answer is simple: Total Gym is phenomenal.

Even Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris use and endorse Total Gym home gym (so, if you've ever wondered how Chuck stays fit and sexy all the time, now you know). As an exercise lover, I enjoy using Total Gym for several reasons, let me share some of them with you.

Compact & Easy to Use

What makes Total Gym a must-have for me is the fact that it is designed to make exercising a lot easier. No matter the model you buy, you can rest assured that any Total Gym model you own is user-friendly.


Imagine having to buy different machines for each exercise in your workout routine. Not only is this a total waste of money, but your entire house will most likely end up cluttered. That is why I love working out with my Total Gym. With just this single machine, you can practice most of the exercises you want! That helps you save tons of money and space.

Full Body Workout

Believe me when I tell you that any Total Gym model you buy or use is an excellent choice, especially if you are aiming for a comprehensive work out. Total Gyms are designed to exercise every muscle in your body (it's called Total for a good reason.)

I could go on and on about why Total Gym is my favorite home gym, but that would most likely take the entire day.

So, let's get right into my in-depth Total Gym  XLS vs 1100 comparison.  


Trust me, comparing two amazing models like the Total Gym  XLS vs 1100 was not easy at all because both machines are really impressive.

However, as a fitness enthusiast, I understand that when it comes to making a purchasing decision,  you can only choose one. So, I have helped you compared both models to help you see which model works best for you.

By the time I'm through walking you through the highs and lows of both models, you should be able to figure out which is best for you.

Here is an overview of both models. 

Total Gym  1100

If you are looking for a Total Gym model that is easy to use and cheap, allow me to present to you the Total Gym 1100. As one of Total Gym's earlier model, the Total Gym 1100 is an excellent strength training equipment that gives you the flexibility to tone and strengthen your entire body within 20-25 minutes.

The Total Gym 1100 can support users weighing up to 275 lbs and is one of the few home gyms within its price range that offers such an impressive weight limit. This home gym weighs just 54 lbs and is very easy to use and store when not in use.

The Total Gym 1100 features over 60 different exercises, allowing you to practice a wide range of exercises. This machine is especially great for beginners and comes with six levels of resistance which allows you to use between 6% to 48% of your body weight.

Upon purchasing your Total Gym 1100 model, you get a leg pulley, a multi-function bar,  a nutrition guide/meal planner, and a workout chart. What's more, this machine arrives fully assembled from the manufacturer, so you don't have to waste time putting the equipment together yourself.

Total Gym XLS

No doubt, the Total Gym XLS is one of the most popular home gyms in the fitness community. This home gym is designed to offer both beginners and pro athletes an easier and faster way to attain their fitness goals. Regardless of age or fitness experience, the Total Gym XLS can be used by anyone from as young as eight to seniors as old as eighty.

The Total Gym XLS comes with over  80 exercises and upon purchase, you get some exciting attachments and accessories such as an exercise card deck, a wall chart, a nutritional program 5 training DVDs, and many more. Not just that, the Total Gym has a weight limit of 400 lbs, which makes it one of the few home gyms that supports heavier users. The XLS comes with six resistance levels which help users adjust exercises according to their body's resistance levels.

Like other Total Gym models, the Total Gym XLS arrives fully assembled, allowing you to start exercising as soon as you want.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Total Gym XLS vs 1100 Main Comparison

Now, I'll compare the Total Gym 1100 vs the Total Gym XLS using different parameters. Let's get right into it!



Total Gym 1100

Total Gym XLS



Exercise Options

Resistance Levels







Number of DVDs

Maximum User Weight


275 lbs


400 lbs




Unfolded Dimension (W x L x H)

1 year

16" x 91" x 43.5

Lifetime on Frame

19" x 90" x 43"


Technical Information

1100 Dimension

Length:  91"

Width: 16"

Height: 43.5"

XLS Dimension

Length: 90"

Width: 19"

Height: 43"

Construction and Quality

When it comes to construction and quality, I have to admit that not many home gyms can rival Total Gym.

Total Gym machines are built to last and are made from materials of the highest quality. If you are considering buying either the Total Gym XLS or the Total Gym 1100, you don't have to worry about purchasing sub-standard equipment, because Total Gyms are built to last a lifetime.

So, which model is more durable and worth your money?  Let's find out.

Total Gym 1100

If you want a home gym that will cater to your fitness needs without any glitches for years to come, then what you need is the Total Gym 1100. The Total Gym 1100 is designed on a premium steel frame, making it highly durable and worth the price. All the steel tubes in the 1100 are corrosion-resistant, so you can heave a sigh of relief when you buy this home gym.

The Total Gym 1100 is designed with a length of  91", width of 16", and a height of 43.5", this means that irrespective of your height, you can conveniently use the 1100. Due to its sturdy frame and high durability, the Total Gym 1100 can support users weighing up to 275 lbs, while this weight limit isn't as high as that of the Total Gym XLS, it is still just as effective for users withing the specified weight range. The 1100 weighs just 54 pounds and it is easier to move around than the XLS.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

Total Gym XLS

As one of the most popular home gyms in the fitness community, you can expect that the Total Gym XLS is a work of premium perfection. This highly durable home gym is designed with a strong steel frame which gives it its sturdiness. The XLS also features powder-coated lower rails and chrome-plated upper rails which add to the machine's durability.

With a weight limit of 400 lbs (body and plate weights), the Total Gym XLS is way ahead of the 1100.  The Total Gym XLS is designed with a length of 90", the width of 19", the height of 43", and weighs just 83 lbs, even though this means that the XLS is a bit heavier than the 1100.

Exercise Options

Total Gym 1100

The Total Gym 1100 is one of Total Gym's most functional models, despite being one of the earlier models from the company. The machine features over sixty exercises, which allows users to thoroughly exercise the arms and legs. The 1100 allows you to practice various arm exercises, crunches, sit-ups,  squats, and more.

Total Gym XLS

On the other hand, when it comes to functionality, the Total Gym XLS completely beats the 1100. This home gym allows users to practice over 80 different exercises. The Total Gym XLS is for you if you want much more than what the 1100 offers.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS


One of the major reasons why I (and many other fitness enthusiasts) totally recommend Total Gym is because of the broad range of highly useful accessories that come with it. Whether you buy the Total Gym 1100 or the Total Gym XLS, you can expect to find some amazing extras that'll make it worth the purchase. Let me quickly walk you through the accessories you'll find with your Total Gym machine.

Total Gym 1100

The Total Gym 1100 comes with fewer attachments than the XLS, but this doesn't mean that you can't get the best out of your workout routine with the 1100. If you need to expand your exercise routine, you'll have to purchase the accessories you need. Here is what you'll get when you buy your Total Gym 1100.

  • Workout chart
  • A nutrition guide & meal plan
  • 1 workout DVD featuring Douglas Brooks
  • A multi-function attachment
  • Leg pulley attachment

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS

When it comes to accessories, the XLS is, hands down, the winner. This home gym comes with more accessories than the 1100, giving users the flexibility to practice more exercises without having to buy extra attachments. When you buy a Total Gym XLS, you'll get.

  • A guide
  • Leg pull attachment
  • Ankles cuffs
  • A wall chart
  • 5 DVDs
  • A wing attachment
  • 3 training programs
  • A ribbed squat stand
  • An exercise card deck
  • A Nutritional Program & Meal Plan

User Weight and Height Limits

Whether you decide to buy the XLS or the 1100, you can rest assured that you'll get a home gym that's just right for you. You don't have to worry about buying a home gym that's too short, too long, too small, or too large when you buy either of the two models. Both the XLS and the 1100 are designed to support users between 6ft 5" and 4 ft 8".

However, when it comes to weight limits, both models differ. Total Gym 1100 is no match for the Total Gym XLS. While the 1100 offers a weight limit of just 275 lbs, the XLS takes its weight limit up several notches, offering users a weight limit of 400 lbs. This is, by far, one of the highest weight limits any home gym on the market can offer.

Resistance Level

When compared to most home gyms on the market, both the Total Gym 1100 and the Total Gym XLS come with pretty impressive resistance systems. So, just how good are the resistance systems of both models? I'll tell you.

Total Gym 1100

The Total Gym 1100 offers users six levels of resistance that are easily adjustable to suit users' bodyweight. With the 1100, users get a weight resistance up to 40% of their body weight and maximum resistance for the gliding board of about 40 degrees.  This is one of the many things that make the 1100 a favorite for many users.

Total Gym XLS

Just like the Total Gym 1100, the Total Gym XLS offers six resistance levels of approximately 6 to 26 degrees and weight resistance ranging from 6% to 54% of body weight.  What this means is that, with the XLS, you have absolute control over how easy or difficult you want your exercises to be. Now, you can see why the Total Gym XLS is still topping the chart in the fitness community.


Let me give you some heads up when it comes to warranty on both models. Regardless of which model you buy, the warranty for your home gym will be determined by where you purchase it from. Although, the chances are that when you buy the Total Gym XLS, you'll get a 6-month warranty on its parts and a lifetime warranty on its frame. On the other hand, when you buy the Total Gym 1100, you get a 1-year warranty on the product.

Another important thing you should note when buying either of both models is you'll probably have to cover the shipping costs (your home gym isn't going to magically appear in your home, you know?) However, if you are purchasing any of both models from Amazon, you'll most certainly get your home gym shipped to you for free.

Pros & Cons

Total Gym 1100


  • It is cheaper than the XLS. 
  • It comes with six resistance levels.
  • The Total Gym 1100 can support users weighing up to 275 lbs.
  • It is easy to fold and store when not in use.
  • It is great for toning and fat loss.
  • It offers a bodyweight resistance range between 3% and 40%.


  • The 1100 comes with fewer attachments than the Total Gym XLS.
  • It is not useful for developing muscle mass.
  • It can't be used by users over 250 pounds.
  • It is not for professional users.
  • Has a lower warranty on frame than the XLS.

Get the Total Gym 1100 If:

  • You weigh 275 pounds or less.
  • You want to practice 60+ exercises.
  • You are comfortable with working with six levels of resistance.
  • You want a cheaper home gym than the XLS.

Total Gym XLS


  • The Total Gym XLS allows users to practice over 80 exercises.
  • It is very user-friendly, irrespective of the age or level of experience of the user.
  • It comes with more attachments and accessories than the 1100 model.
  • It has a higher weight limit of 400 pounds.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on frame. 
  • Has 5 workout DVDs


  • More expensive then the 1100
  • It is a bit heavier than the 1100

Get the Total Gym XLS If:

  • You want a home gym with more accessories.
  • You weigh 400 pounds or less.
  • You want to practice strength training.
  • You can practice with six resistance levels.
  • You want to practice 80+ exercise options.
  • You want a product with a better warranty.

My Thoughts

Both the Total Gym 1100 vs XLS are great home gyms to own. However, from personal experience, I thoroughly enjoy working out with the Total Gym XLS. There are several reasons why the XLS is the home gym that works for me. For instance, the XLS comes with more attachments, which means I can practice more exercises. It also comes with a higher number of exercises and a higher weight limit when compared to the Total Gym 1100.

Total Gym 1100 vs XLS


Finding the right home gym is no easy feat, but when you do, it can make all the difference to your exercise practice.

As an expert in this field, I highly recommend that you purchase the Total Gym XLS. After much consideration, I have found that the XLS outperforms the 1100 by several standards.

That is why if you are looking for a home gym that will last a lifetime, is made from premium quality materials, comes with more accessories, offers a higher weight limit, and has more exercise options, the Total Gym XLS is the perfect choice. 

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