7 Best recumbent exercise bikes reviewed

​With many recumbent bikes on the market, it’s very easy to buy one that is uncomfortable or simply not worth the price. Worse still, you can end up with one that doesn’t align with your fitness goals. To ensure you purchase one of the best recumbent exercise bikes, we’ve analyzed hundreds of bikes and eliminated […]

6 BEST commercial treadmills hands DOWN!

​Before we explore the world of treadmills to reveal the best commercial treadmill products that reign supreme, it is important to lay to rest whatever doubts you might have about buying a treadmill instead of other fitness equipment.Why Buy ​Commercial Treadmills?With various fitness equipment such as elliptical, exercise bikes and others available today, deciding on […]

4 best weighted vests for running and crossfit that will change the way U train

​​​The number one reason why weighted vests are very popular is that they have been to proven to make almost any exercise 10x more effective. Whether you love running, CrossFit training, or any other bodyweight workouts, weighted vests are the most effective and affordable option for getting the best possible results out of your workout.​If […]