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Neck Traction Wedges and Devices- The Path to Pain Relief

Photo by julientromeur on Pixabay Back and neck discomfort, particularly those caused by a pinched nerve or sciatica, can be debilitating. The pain, often described as paralyzing, can significantly affect your daily life, making even simple tasks like getting out of bed or walking a painful ordeal. In such situations, one common recommendation by physiotherapists […]

3 best ways to Do spinal traction at home SAFELY!

Spinal traction is one of the best exercises for relieving neck and back pain that you can do at home and it’s highly recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors. It’s very safe and has no side effects whatsoever and it’s the most affordable (and effective) neck and back treatment that you are ever going to do.The […]

master tonic reviews- Fire cider vs cyclone cider

master tonic review

I’m sure that you have heard of the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Master tonics and fermented foods have been around for centuries. That’s what our ancestors back in the day used to consume to cure and prevent many ailments.Master tonic is not only for prevention but it’s a powerful natural tonic for prevention and […]

30 day transformation Plans – REAL or JUST HYPE

30 day transformation

​The very first thing we instantly think about when someone says 30-day transformation is within just 30 days we will transform our body to some kind of a super model. Right?​You go on some websites and you see pictures of people that have been through the process and did the 30-day transformation challenge and amazingly […]