Total Gym XLS vs X Force – The Ultimate Compact Home Gym Comparison Guide

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

In this article, we’ll compare Total Gym XLS vs X Force to know the better model to purchase.

You may be wary of getting ‘complete workout equipment’ for your home. But Total Gym’s compact home gyms are undoubtedly a user-friendly, versatile, and efficient option for achieving your fitness goals without taking a trip to the gym. These machines are capable of working every muscle in your body. They certainly get the job done.

If this is your first time of checking out portable home gym products, then I say congratulations. And if you are a professional athlete, everything you need to make the best buying decision is here. Because you are looking at a comprehensive comparison of two of the best home gym solutions available anywhere - Total Gym XLS vs X Force.

In hurry? don't you worry, we have you covered. We have summarized our findings in the quick buying guide below.

Total gym XLS vs total gym X Force (XL7) Quick review buying guide


Total Gym XLS 

Total Gym Fit vs XLS

Verified User Rating: 4.5


The Total Gym XLS  just edges over the X Force due to its durability and stability. It has a user weight capacity of 400 lb and can support users as tall as 6ft 2". It comes fully assembled and is easy to use for users from eight to eighty years old.


  • Weight capacity of 400 lb
  • The XLS comes with an advanced pulley system
  • Supports users as tall as 6ft 2"
  • 80+ exercises
  • Pre-assembled
  • The XLS offers 6 resistance levels
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Comes with attachments like squat stand and wing attachment               


  • The XLS is quite heavy and takes up more space. Also, it comes with a 6-month warranty on parts and has only six levels of adjustment.  
  •    Expensive


One of the best-selling home gyms out there, the XLS is very durable and sturdy.  Will get the job done without issues. It's not cheap but for what it offers, it is worth the investment, and ultimately it's a winner for me, when compared to the X Force.      

Total Gym X Force (XL7)

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

Verified User Rating: 4.5


Total Gym X Force is a solid choice and ticks all the boxes. I mean with 60 exercises, 350 lbs, and 12 resistance levels, you just can't wrong with this.


  • Weight capacity of 350 lb
  • Budget-friendly
  • 60+ exercises
  • 12 resistance levels
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Cheaper than the XLS
  • Easily fordable
  • Comes with cool attachments like AbCrunch and pressup bar


  • Limited exercise options
  • Limited warranty, only 1 year on frame


Apart from the warranty, this total gym is the real deal, if you can get over the short-term warranty. Otherwise it's worth every penny.                                                                                                                                                                                         

What is Total Gym?

Total Gym is an all-in-one compact home gym line that offers an entire gym of equipment in a single machine. It’s a portable home gym solution that made its entrance into the industry more than 40 years ago. The manufacturer has constantly improved the ease-of-use and ergonomics of its products to make sure users are comfortable.

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

Total Gym stands tall among home gym products for many reasons. First, their height levels are suitable for all fitness levels. You can adjust the difficulty and weight level by changing the incline level.

Total Gym also minimizes the risk of injury by using your body weight as resistance. Its smooth motion is also easy on the joints. It’s no wonder that today, more than 5 million homes in over 85 countries all over the world rely on Total Gym to reshape their body and get fit.

The home fitness machines in the Total Gym line are made of materials of superior quality with many of them dominating the home fitness category. It’s certainly one of the success stories in the fitness industry.

Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley, and Total Gym

Just so you know, Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley appear in Total Gym infomercials. We all know that celebrities are paid to say a certain product is the best even if they don’t use it. But in the case of Chuck Norris and Christie, they actually use Total Gym (so they say).

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

If Total Gym can get Chuck Norris (age 80 years) and Christie Brinkley (age 66) looking like high school prom king and queen, then I'm in!

Overview of Total Gym XLS vs X Force

This full comparison is a clash between two favorites of many home gym users – Total Gym X Force and XLS. Whether you are considering buying a total home gym for the first time or you are looking for an upgrade of your existing gym, this in-depth comparison will examine all the features and explain all the pros and cons in full details and answer every doubt in your mind. 

But before we go into the main Total Gym X Force vs XLS comparisons, here is an overview of both models.

Total Gym X Force

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

With its more than 60 exercises, the X Force offers various options when it comes to getting a complete total body workout. You can work out your upper body, calves, hamstring, and others in the lower body. X Force has a maximum weight of 350 lbs and comes with a flip chart of exercises, meal plans, and two workout DVDs to help you maximize weight loss and step up workout intensity. It arrives at your home fully assembled.

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

Total Gym XLS is a ready-to-use portable home gym solution as it comes fully assembled, unlike most home gyms. It is a very popular system that offers you a complete body workout just like any gym in your neighborhood.

It comes with more than 80 exercises that can be used to target multiple muscles at the same time. It has a sturdy design and can support up to 400 lbs of weight.  The XLS also has a nutritional program, a guide, a wall chart, 5 training DVDs, and an exercise card deck to help get the needed results.

Total Gym X Force Vs XLS Main Comparison

This section critically examines the X Force and XLS models of Total Gym. We’ll compare them under different parameters including Features, Accessories, Resistance levels, Versatility, Warranty, Size, so you can know which is best for you. Also be sure to check our expert recommendation on which to buy. 


 x force


Dimensions (WxLxH)

16" x 92.5" x 43"

19" x 90" x 43"

Number of Exercises



Resistance Level



Number of DVDs



Maximum User Weight

350 lbs

400 Lbs


1 year on Frame

Lifetime on Frame

Technical Info

X Force Dimension

  • Length: 92.5”
  • Width: 16”
  • Height: 43”

XLS Dimension

  • Length: 90”
  • Width: 19”
  • Height: 43


Total Gym X Force

  • The Total Gym X Force offers over 60 exercise options, allowing users to choose from a wide range of exercises.
  • It comes with varying resistance of up to 12 calibrated levels.
  • The Total Gym X Force comes with an auto-lock height adjustment knob feature, which is excellent for secure positioning during any exercise.
  • The machine is designed with a padded pillow to provide extra comfort.
  • It also features soft nylon strap handles for easy grip and traction.
  • The Total Gym X Force is easy to store since it is easily foldable.
  • The machine comes with an array of accessories that make exercising easier and more exciting, such as the leg pull, pressup bars, and AbCrunch attachment.
  • The Total Gym X Force can support users weighing up to 350lbs.
  • The machine comes with a meal plan, nutritional program, and 2 workout DVDs to help users exercise better.

Total Gym XLS

  • The Total Gym XLS offers over 80 exercise options
  • The Total Gym XLS is designed with chrome-plated upper rails and black powder-coated lower rails crafted from 1¼ x 2 steel tubing.
  • The machine offers six resistance levels, with varying degrees ranging from 6 to 26 and 6% to 54% of body weight.
  • The Total Gym XLS is highly compact with its foldable rails and base rollers which allow for easy storage after use.
  • The machine features nylon webbing, flexible synthetic rubber padded handles with ABS swivel, and 1,000 lb vinyl-coated cables.
  • The machine can support up to 400lbs of weight.
  • It features an upgraded pulley system, complete with sealed precision ball bearings, chrome-plated pulley case with plastic pulley wheels.
  • For extra comfort, the Total Gym XLS comes with a 1.5 high-density foam padding on glideboard head support.

Construction and Quality

Total Gym X Force

The Total Gym X Force is one of the finest and highest quality machines on the market. Made with the most durable materials and fully equipped with a strong frame design to keep you secure and balanced in any exercise position, the Total Gym X Force is absolutely worth the hype it gets. This sturdy exercise machine is designed with a length of 92.5, a width of 16, and a height of 43, which means it can cater to users with a wide range of height and body sizes.

The Total Gym X Force comes with an impressive 350lbs weight limit, which means that it can accommodate a versatile range of user weights than most home gyms on the market.

Total Gym XLS

When it comes to construction and quality, no other home gym can rival the Total Gym XLS. Designed with a sturdy steel frame, chrome-plated upper rails and powder-coated lower rails to provide optimal durability, the Total Gym XLS is the machine you've been looking for. What's more, this machine comes with a 16 x 47 padded glideboard which offers excellent head support for its users. This means you can exercise for longer without feeling any strain in your neck region. The Total Gym XLS is designed with a length of 90, a width of 19, a height of 43, and weighs just 82 lbs. This makes the Total Gym XLS a more compact exercise machine for users.

What makes the XLS even more fascinating is the fact that it is capable of supporting 400 lbs of body and plate weights (this is a lot more than the Total Gym X Force can handle!).

Exercise Options

Another Total Gym XLS vs X Force comparison we'll look at is the number of exercises you can perform. 

The Total Gym X Force offers over 60 exercise options from which you can pick while the XLS model allows you to perform more than 80 exercises. With the various accessories, you can do exercises including pull-ups, squats, front press, crunches, sit-ups, shoulder presses, circular crossovers, decline chest press, vertical holds, leg curls, and many others.

With both the X Force and the XLS, you can change from an upper-body exercise to a lower-body. And if you are changing between upper to upper or lower to lower, it only takes milliseconds. The time saved during the switch from one exercise to another enables you to burn more fat and more calories.


Total Gym X Force vs XLS

The X Force comes with an excellent set of accessories to help you do the 60 exercises. In the box, you’ll find dip bars, boards, wing attachment, squat stand, press up bars, and a stability mat. To help you master the use of these accessories and learn the correct techniques of different exercises, training materials such as two training DVDs and an exercise chart are provided. You also get a meal plan and a nutritional plan to take you closer to your fitness goal. 

With the XLS, you get some accessories such as wing attachment, the ribbed squat stand, ankles cuffs, and the leg pull attachment. To help you achieve a complete workout and enable you train effectively in a variety of ways, the XLS comes with five DVDs, and three training programs. Along with your purchase are an exercise card deck, colorful wall chart that shows 35 exercises, Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program & meal plan, and a guide to help you maximize fat burn.


Resistance Level

The Total Gym X Force comes with a  bodyweight resistance system, which doesn't work well for building strength, but is perfect if you are looking to reduce fat, add some definitions and burn excess calories. The Total Gym X Force offers 12 calibrated levels of resistance, which allows users to adjust the machine's resistance level to varying degrees to suit their bodies.

With the Total Gym XLS, you get an exercise machine that offers you a wide array of exercise options with an excellent resistance system. The Total Gym XLS is designed to work on multiple muscles at the same time, allowing you to see faster results in the shortest time possible. This machine offers six resistance levels, ranging from 6 to 26 degrees and 6% to 54% of body weight.  This offers you a more flexible range of resistance levels and allows you to choose the exact level and range that works best with your body.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Total Gym X Force

1- Stability

The Total Gym X Force is designed with the sturdiest features, including an anti-slip stability mat that helps you stay balanced during any exercise.

2 - Usage Versatility

Thanks to the anti-slip stability mat that comes with it, you can use your Total Gym X Force on almost any surface without fear of slipping. You can use this machine on carpet, tiles, or hardwood.

3 - Exercise Options

The Total Gym X Force offers over 60 exercise options, including over 10 ab exercises, allowing users to exercise every muscle group in the body.

4 - Extra Comfort

The machine is designed with a padded head support to offer users extra comfort while exercising.

5 - Pre-Assembled

When you order your Total Gym X Force, you don't have to bother about assembling the machine because it arrives fully assembled. This allows you to start your workout routine as soon as possible.

6 - Good Weight Capacity

The Total Gym X Force is designed to support users weighing up to 350 lbs. This is a pretty impressive weight capacity when compared to many other home gyms on the market.


1- Limited Weight Capacity

The Total Gym X Force doesn't offer as much weight capacity when compared to other home gyms such as the Total Gym XLS which offers up to 400 lb in weight capacity.

2- Training DVDs

The Total Gym X Force comes with only two workout DVDs.

3- Limited Warranty

It comes with only a limited warranty of one year on both frame and parts.

Total Gym X Force vs XLS

Pros of the Total Gym XLS

1- User Versatility

The Total Gym XLS offers a wide range of exercises that can be used by any member of the family to achieve their respective fitness goals. Users from as young as eight years old can use the Total Gym XLS.

2- Exercise Options

The Total Gym XLS comes with over 80 exercise options targeted at building and exercising different muscle groups within the body. With this machine, you can do weight training, stretching,  cardio, circuit training, and much more.

3- Pre-Assembled

One of the perks of owning the Total Gym XLS is that you won't have to go through the stress of assembling the machine yourself. As soon as you get your home gym, you can start working out.

4- Extra Perks

One of the upsides to owning an XLS is that you automatically get 5 workout DVDs to help you intensify your workout and maximize muscle burn. The machine also comes with a flip chart of exercises and a nutritional plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. Another advantage of the Total Gym XLS is that it comes with an array of work out materials that can help you intensify and achieve your fitness goals in no time.

5- Impressive Weight Capacity

Unlike most machines on the market, the Total Gym XLS has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. The best part is that it uses users' bodyweight to customize exercise challenges.

6- Extra Comfort

The Total Gym XLS comes with a patented padded Glideboard which offers great head support during exercises.

7- Warranty

You get about a life-time warranty on frame with the Total Gym XLS. It also comes with a 6-months warranty on parts.


1. Full Price Is Expensive

This machine is quite on the pricey side if you are buying at full price. Thankfully, it is often sold at a discount of more than 50%.

You Might Want to Get the Total Gym X Force If

  • Your weight is below 350 lbs.
  • You want a sturdy and high-quality home gym.
  • You prefer to work out in different locations (which may involve different surfaces).
  • You want a total work out with the varying 60 exercise options.

You Might Want to Get the Total Gym XLS if

  • Your weight is below 400 lbs
  • You want a total work out with the varying 80 exercise options available.
  • You want a well designed and strong home gym.
  • You want a cheaper ‘perfect’ home gym.

Shipping and Assembly

For both Total Gym X Force and XLS, you may have to pay a fee for shipping depending on where you purchase it from. However, most sellers on Amazon ship it to your home for free.

Both home gyms also come fully assembled. There’ll be no need to get your toolbox out or get your hands dirty. All you have to do is pull your home gym out of its packaging, unfold it and begin your workout journey.


The warranty may differ from stores to stores. But for the most part, Total Gym X Force comes with a limited one-year warranty.

On the other hand, XLS is backed by a lifetime warranty on frame. You also get a 6-months warranty on parts. While Total Gym can do better with the warranty on parts and accessories, a lot of people use their home gyms for years without issues.


What do we think about the Total Gym X Force vs XLS comparison?

Well, with over 80 exercises, the XLS offers a more complete and comfortable full-body workout compared to what you have with Total Gym X Force. It’s also very easy to adapt XLS to your fitness level, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

The XLS can comfortably handle users that weigh 400 lbs, which is 50 lbs higher than the weight the X Force can sustain.

If you are like me and can do without having to assemble a machine, then you’d find XLS a lifesaver. It requires no assembly and is very compact when unfolded, taking up only 8ft of space.

On top of that, XLS comes with a nice warranty from the manufacturer. Its lifetime warranty on frame is a pretty good one. You can perform all kinds of exercise with the assurance that if anything happens, you are protected. While the 6-month warranty on parts can be better, many users of the XLS use their gym for years without any issue. That’s not hard to believe, given that it has an approval nod from 95% of users.

How about the price? That’s pretty good too. With over 80 exercises, 5 DVDs and the nutritional plan, the XLS is certainly a bargain. Yes, you could get cheaper products from other brands, but you might be flushing money down the drain as the smooth movement, quality construction, versatility and durability of the XLS is undisputed.

Final Verdict

While it’s practically impossible to get the perfect home gym, the XLS is one that comes pretty close.

The XLS is the better, more complete, all-in-one gym machine that burns calories and fat, keeps you lean and fit, and enables you to achieve your fitness goals. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a complete home gym.

Should you choose the XLS over the X Force? Definitely, it’ll be worth the purchase.

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