Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Full Review- PROS & CONS & BEST features

Over the years, we've seen many Total Gym models, each with its pros and cons. But, if there's one model that stands out - it's the Total Gym Xtreme (and for many reasons too).

Despite being an older model, many people prefer the Total Gym Xtreme, and many fitness experts recommend it over newer models.

Curious to know why?

This Total Gym Xtreme review will tell you all you need to know about the Total Gym Xtreme. If you are considering buying the Total Gym Xtreme, I highly recommend that you read this review to the end to help you decide if you want to purchase this model.

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Total Gym Xtreme Quick Review 

Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Review

4.4 Stars Based on 41 Ratings

One of the most popular home gym solutions from Total Gym, the Xtreme is designed to give users a low-impact and full-body workout that minimizes the risk of an injury during exercises. Even more impressive is that this model offers up to twelve levels of resistance despite being within the budget-friendly range of home gyms. With the Total Gym Xtreme, users have the flexibility and luxury of choosing from over sixty exercises. This machine also has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lb and comes with several accessories that make working out more versatile and fun.


  • Access to 60+ exercises.
  • Offers low-impact, full-body workouts
  • Users can easily switch between exercises.
  • Comes with 12 resistance levels 
  • Six attachments included (including the AbCrunch)
  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Has a maximum weight limit of 350 lb
  • Folds easily 
  • It is affordable


  • Limited one year warranty 
  • Doesn't come with dip bars.


It's not every day that you see a home gym solution that stands out like the Total Gym Xtreme. This model comes with one of the highest resistance levels Total Gym offers (12), supports users who weigh up to 350 lb, and can perform over sixty exercises. While the model's warranty is ridiculously short, it is still a good choice if you want a home gym solution that won't break the bank and offer a "total" low-impact workout.

"Is the Total Gym Xtreme worth every cent?"

To answer this question, my team and I spent 17 hours exploring several trusted review websites. I also sifted through hundreds of customer reviews about the Total Gym Xtreme. This analysis helped me figure out everything I needed to put together this Total Gym Xtreme review for you.

So, let's get started!

Total Gym Xtreme Overview 

Getting a home gym is serious business, so it's essential that you know what to look out for when buying your home gym.

For many people, many factors go into consideration when choosing a home gym solution. There's cost, comfort, incline levels, quality and much more to consider when finding the perfect home gym.

But is the Total Gym Xtreme the perfect home gym for you?

Based on a lot of honest reviews, the Total Gym Xtreme is quite a sweet deal. The model comes with 12 levels of resistance and gives users access to over 60 exercises.

If you think that isn't fascinating enough, then you'll be shocked to find out that this home gym solution also comes with six attachments, including the (super pricey) Abcrunch Boards.

With the Total Gym Xtreme, you can practice a wide range of arm, leg, core, and strength-building exercises. The more creative you get with your Total Gym Xtreme, the more versatility the machine offers.

Another perk of this home gym solution is that it has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lb. With such a high weight capacity, it's a little shocking that this machine doesn't cost more than its actual price.

This is great news for larger users who want an affordable home gym solution that can support their weight without breaking down.

Total Gym prioritize users' comfort when designing their machines, and this is easily evident when you see the Total Gym Xtreme. The model is designed with an ergonomic cushioned glide board for increased comfort. This makes working out more effective and comfortable with your Total Gym Xtreme. 

Overall, the Total Gym Xtreme is excellent for performing a wide range of exercises targeted at various muscle groups in the body. Regardless of your age or fitness level, the Total Gym Xtreme is an excellent choice and is worth considering.


In this part of the Total Gym Xtreme review, I will explore all the specs and features of this model.

This section will take a critical look at all you need to know about the Total Gym Xtreme, including pros and cons, quality, height limit, weight capacity, number of exercise options, construction, warranty, and guarantee.

Off we go!


The Total Gym Xtreme is one of the most affordable home gym solutions from Total Gym. Does this mean it comes with fewer perks than other pricey models?

Absolutely not.

The Total Gym Xtreme is in a class of its own as it comes with its upsides and unique selling points. Let's see what the Total Gym Xtreme has to offer:


  • Length: 92.5"
  • Width: 16″
  • Height: 43″


  • Length: 50.9″
  • Width: 16.1″
  • Height: 8.2"

Maximum Weight Limit: 350 lb

Height Limit: 5 - 6'5"

Number of Exercises: 60

Resistance level: 12

Resistance Method: Bodyweight

Attachments: 6

Age of Users: 8 - 80

Warranty: 1 year


Over time, I've reviewed many home gyms. So one of the things I'm most particular about when selecting a home gym solution is its construction.

A poorly constructed home gym can put you at risk of injury during exercise or be uncomfortable to use. This will ultimately stall your fitness goals, and trust me, you don't want that.

This is why it is essential to properly examine how well your home gym is constructed before purchase. Thankfully, this Total Gym Xtreme review will help you sort that out.

Like most Total Gym models, the Total Gym Xtreme is brilliantly designed to provide users with an effective yet comfortable workout routine.

First, the entire machine is made from premium quality steel, ensuring that your machine won't snap while working out.

The machine also features an ergonomic cushioned glide board for extra comfort. Total Gym is one of the few fitness brands that consider users' convenience when designing their machines, and I have to say that this is laudable.

(Alright, back to the Total Gym Xtreme.)

The machine features an ingenious auto-lock height adjustment system, which makes this home gym solution ideal for a range of users' heights. You don't have to worry about this machine being too short or too high for you; it'll fit like a match made in fitness heaven. 

It also comes with flexible nylon strap handles to make gripping more comfortable. What I like the most about this model is that it is designed to fold and unfold quickly without affecting the durability and quality of the machine. In this aspect, I'll give the Total Gym Xtreme an A+.


Total Gym machines have been on the market for about 40 years. One of the reasons why Total Gym have lasted this long is because of the quality of their home gyms. Many users know that they are getting good value for their money when purchasing a Total Gym machine.

The same applies to when you buy the Total Gym Xtreme. The machine is designed with high quality and durable materials to give the machine maximum durability, stability, and quality.

If you are big on quality like I am, then the Total Gym Xtreme is a great deal, especially when you consider this home gym solution's price.

When it comes to quality, I have to give Total Gym a standing ovation because they never disappoint. So, if you are buying the Total Gym Xtreme, you can rest assured that your machine is of excellent quality.


Gone are the days when you needed to buy different sets of equipment to perform various exercises. With a Total Gym solution, you can perform several exercises, all with one machine. 

The number of exercises you can perform on a Total Home gym depends on the model you own, the number of accessories that come with it or that you purchase, and how creative you can get with your exercise routine.

For instance, you'll get fewer exercise options with the Total Gym Xtreme because it offers 60+ exercises. In contrast, other Total Gym models (such as the Total Gym XLS and Apex G5) offer as much as 80+ exercises.

However, this does not mean that the Total Gym Xtreme isn't worth purchasing (remember I said the number of accessories and how creative you get could up your exercise numbers?)

I think it's quite commendable that a home gym this cheap offers over 60 exercise options. That's a lot of value for your money. Besides, I'm not so sure you can quickly exhaust over 60 exercises in a short time (unless you are Chuck Norris).

The Total Gym Xtreme ticks the box for me when it comes to the number of exercise options it offers.  And based on the positive reviews it's getting, I'd say it ticks the box for a lot of other people too.


Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Review

One thing I noticed that a lot of users found impressive about the Total Gym Xtreme is the attachments that are included with this machine.

Now, you may wonder why, mainly because other Total Gym models come with more attachments than the Total Gym Xtreme.

The reason is that, although the Total Gym Xtreme comes with just six attachments, these attachments are designed to support a wide range of exercise options - this makes it unnecessary to have some other attachments.

While the model doesn't come with dip bars, not many users mind since the six included attachments allow users to practice anything from cardio, strength training, to stretching, all with one machine.

Overall, I think the Total Gym Xtreme scores really high in the accessories department.

Here are the attachments that come with the Total Gym Xtreme.

  • AbCrunch Boards (allows over ten ab exercises)
  • A squat stand (great for performing lunging and squatting exercises with ease)
  •  Wing attachment 
  •  Leg pulley system (allows users to perform different leg exercises) 
  • Adjustable Training Deck/Device Holder
  • Tri-Grip Shaper Bars
  •  Exercise Guide
  •  Nutrition manual
  • Total Gym TV access
  • User manual
  • DVD

Resistance Levels

Typically, every Total Gym machine comes with varying levels of resistance. This is usually within the range of 6 -12 resistance levels, except the Total Gym GTS which has 22 calibrated resistance levels.

The Total Gym Xtreme's resistance level falls within the higher spectrum. With 12 calibrated levels of resistance, this home gym allows you to preset your workout routine's intensity.

When you consider that the Total Gym Xtreme is a very affordable home gym solution, you'll realize just how incredible it is that this machine offers such a high level of resistance.

If you are up for a resistance level this high, then the Total Gym Xtreme might be the home gym you need.


For many people, a major buzzkill for most home gym solutions on the shelves is that you have to go through the tedious process of assembling the machine before you can start working out.

This is even more frustrating if you are relatively new to home gyms - you can't seem to figure out what attachment or part goes where.

And it looks as if you've spent all your energy on getting the equipment up and running rather than working out. I totally get it (been there, done that), so I know how frustrating assembling your home gym can be

But, Total Gym machines save you all that stress, time, and energy. One of the many reasons many users love Total Gym machines is that it takes out the stress of assembling the machine and simply working out.

So, if you buy any Total Gym solution, you can expect that the most you'll require is a minimal assembly or no assembly at all.

Like other Total Gym models, the Total Gym Xtreme arrives pre-assembled and requires minimal assembly to get the equipment ready for exercising. This lets you skip the tedious process of assembling your home gym and get right to the exciting part - working out.

Overall, this is one thing about the Total Gym Xtreme that I absolutely love. I mean, who wouldn't love being saved all that stress and time?

Maximum Height and Weight Limit

While the Total Gym Xtreme may not come with a weight capacity as high as the Total Gym XLS or some other Total Gym models, 350 lb is a pretty impressive weight limit for a home gym solution that's easier on the wallet than most models.

Many users love that the Total Gym Xtreme offers such a high weight capacity, more than the Total Gym Apex G1 and Total G3.

I guess this weight capacity is quite astounding and is one reason why the Total Gym Xtreme is preferred over some newer models.

When it comes to height capacity, not many home gym solutions come close to the Total Gym Xtreme. Thanks to its auto-lock height adjustment, the Total Gym Xtreme can support users within the height range of 5 - 6'5".

Now, that's what I call impressive for a super affordable home gym solution like this model. So if you weigh less than 350 lb  and fall within the height range of 5' and 6'5", you should consider getting the Total Gym Xtreme.

Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Review


If there's one thing many users love, it's the 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with the Total Gym Xtreme.

Total Gym gives you the flexibility to return the Xtreme and get a refund if you find it unsatisfactory.

For guarantee, I have to admit that Total Gym machines check the boxes for me.


So far, I think the Total Gym Xtreme has ticked all the right boxes for me except warranty. 

I'm not surprised that most customers complained about the Total Gym Xtreme's warranty. The model comes with only a one year warranty - and that's pretty lame by many standards.

There are other home gym solutions on the market that offer better warranties. So, in this aspect, we (and by "we", I mean countless disappointed customers and me) think Total Gym could have done better.

This model's limited warranty can be a turn off for many potential users; thus, an improvement in this area is necessary.

However, some users do not mind the one year warranty - this is mostly thanks to the excellent quality of Total Gym's machine. 

Of course, having a good warranty will come in handy if your home gym breaks down or needs some parts replaced, but many users swear that with Total Gym's premium quality and durability, you won't be needing a warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • With the Total Gym Xtreme, you can perform over 60 exercises.
  • This model offers users low-impact, full-body workouts.
  • The Total Gym Xtreme is brilliantly designed to allow users to switch between exercises quickly and easily.
  • This home gym solution offers users 12 resistance levels, which is pretty higher than the resistance levels of other Total Gym models.
  • When you purchase the Total Gym Xtreme, you get six attachments, including a nutritional guide, an exercise guide, and the AbCrunch accessory.
  • The Total Gym Xtreme comes pre-assembled. Minimal assembly is required before use.
  • The machine has a maximum weight limit of 350 lb weight, making it the ideal home gym solution for users who weigh up to 350 lb.
  • The Total Gym Xtreme folds easily, which makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • The Total Gym Xtreme is one of the most affordable home gym solutions out there.


  • The Total Gym Xtreme comes with only a one year warranty.
  • It doesn't come with dip bars.

The Total Gym Xtreme is Ideal for You If: 

  • You want access to over 60 exercise options.
  • You want low-impact and full-body workouts.
  • You want a home gym solution that allows you to switch between exercises quickly.
  • You can work with 12 levels of resistance.
  • You want a home gym equipment that requires minimal assembly.
  • You weigh less than 350 lb.
  • You want a home gym that is easy to fold and store away.
  • You don't mind the short warranty.
  • You want a very affordable quality home gym.

Final Thoughts

Phew! That was one long review. 

Overall, I think the Total Gym Xtreme is quite suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The machine is brilliantly designed to offer users more comfort while working out and maximize effectiveness. 

With more resistance levels than most Total Gym models, the Total Gym Xtreme is the ideal machine if you want to take your exercise routine up several notches.

What I like about this model is the fact that it not only provides users with full-body workouts but also ensures that working out is safe with minimal risk of injury.

Also, this machine is so easy to use for users as young as eight and as old as eighty. I also like the fact that you can buy the Total Gym Xtreme without breaking the bank.

On the downside, the product's warranty could be better. A one-year warranty may be too limited for some users, which can be a significant turn off. 

But, do I think the Total Gym Xtreme is a worthy buy? 

Yes! The Total Gym Xtreme gets a huge thumbs up from me.

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